South Korean Stocks Drop Due To China Restrictions


Stocks, specifically entertainment and cosmetic stocks of South Korea are plunging down due to the fact that these companies failed to restore their recent loses. The reason behind the lost was China’s restriction of airing Korean contents in local Chinese stations.

According to reports, the survey results as to why it was banned is the possibility of the Korean officials to deploy a US anti-ballistic missile system, resulting to the country to fear the action and thus banning Korean cultures or commercials to air on national Chinese channels.

In a statement released in reports, it was summarized in details as to what can be aired and what elements cannot be aired. “In November, according to our channel checks, Chinese authorities appear to have banned 1) the broadcasting of any TV advertising with Korean artists as brand ambassadors, 2) Korean artists participating in any TV programs, 3) Sino-Korean cooperation on variety show/dramas and 4) broadcasting of TV programmes containing any Korean elements including Korean corporations and brands.”

The restriction comes with a big seriousness except for Korean Dramas who had an impact on both countries positively.


Entertainment and Cosmetic stocks that are traded in China fell last month as a result to these changes. Kospi index rose 0.9 percent and such raise is still considered to be low. An example to fallen stock in its entertainment sector is CJE&M which traded at 8.5 percent with a value of 130,960 WON. The said record is as low as its last which was at May 2015.

Some of the famous agencies which produced K-Pop clusters also fell on last month’s trading session. YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment all fell to a number of 6.6, 8 and 3 in percentage.

Notable cosmetic companies who captured the hearts of the Chinese market also fell due to the restriction. Amorepacific as an example fell to 3.5 percent and another is LG Household and Healthcare which fell to 5.8 percent last month.

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Should you buy NVIDIA Stocks?


NVIDIA has been a rising stock this year. The company has generated stock value up to 185% from a number of successful trading sessions. However, the stock has experienced falls from the recent three day session which resulted to a 6% lost, putting it in its familiar place of the 90 dollars in value. With that being said, investors must probably think if it’s a good buy or not.

Why did it fall? Amazon, a factor to the stock’s fall, indicated a fact to the likelihood of ratifying up with supplementary computer chipset benefactors to distribute microprocessors to provide supremacy in its AWS amenity. The result to that is NVIDIA is currently being in danger of losing such deal to provide computer chips to AWS.

Can it still pull back from such fall? It depends but the program director thinks otherwise. As it was quoted in its recent earnings report: Al Hilwa, Program Director of Software Development Research at IDC, stated in an email that FPGAs will “typically be used for highly customized compute workloads,” such as “image, video and audio stream processing, often done in the context of preparing data for machine learning.”

CEO Jen-Hsun Huang agrees with the abovementioned statement in the reports. NVIDIA chips are rather used for graphics. “FPGA is good in a lot of things, and anything that you could do in an FPGA if the market opportunity is large, you could always – it’s always better to develop an ASIC. And FPGA is what you use when the volume is not large. FPGA is what you use when you’re not certain about the functionality you want to put into something. FPGA is largely useful when the volume’s not large, because you can build an ASIC and build a full custom chip that obviously can deliver more performance, not 20% more performance but 10 times better performance and better energy efficiency than you could using FPGAs.” Said Huang in the recent Q3 conference.

Despite such lost, Investors claim that it is still one of the biggest chipset providers around. Labelled as “Bigger Winner” By analysts, the company is still in good hands and position for stock trading. As it was quoted in a report  “Nvidia – NVDA wins irrespective of which framework wins All the above frameworks – Watson, CNTK, TensorFlow, Torch, MXNet are optimized for NVDA GPU’s using NVDA CUDA libraries – to run the training models Money is made in running the training models not so in running the inference engine Irrespective of which frameworks ultimately wins…NVDA is currently the only company that wins with the growth of Deep Learning/Machine Learning – as NVDA is powering all the production Deep Learning Training Models…NVDA Secret to Success is their CUDA libraries, which has more than 20 years lead over everyone else.”

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Facebook: To Buy or Not to Buy?


One of the best tech stocks in this generation is the Facebook Company. It has been generating big sales and vast returns because of the fact that the site is widely used by many, globally. The social media sensation hit the market like a sale on a shop attracting as many investors as it can and resulting to big push in terms of progress.

It may be celebrated as the best but just like the Hollywood superstars, they also have haters and in Facebook’s case, some do not entirely love it as a stock. You may guess that it is those who failed to invest in the company but actually it’s not. They are the bears who wait for Facebook to hit the bearish signal for them to enter the market. It maybe the best but it’s still is faulty. Nobody’s perfect but in this case, nothing’s perfect. That maybe the case but bears and bulls are actually tied in its performance.

The question is: Where do you stand? But before knowing that you must know the good things about Facebook right now.

Facebook leads the mobile market for the reason that this is the smartphone generation and every user has to have app. The app itself has been a part of the phone as much it is part of the everyday human life. It can be used for educational meetings, personal matters and business transactions.

Zuckerberg’s company is always on the works on as to how to improve the app alone. The founder is planning to expand and improve its advertising niche to diversify the platforms of those who want to advertise on the site. Currently, ads generated to a number of 84% of revenue.

Facebook provides countless opportunities as a stock. A key factor as to such is its instagram connectivity generating monetization opportunities. The data mined information has tallied a number of 500 million users who connects their accounts to instagram and thus making generate more money because ads on instagram are prevalent as well.

With all those pros, we can say that the company is a money milking stock. The number of user participation globally attracts advertisers and investors and financial matters will always come and generate higher.


Now attracted? Not so fast.

Again, the Facebook also has bad sides. The company is handling a big pool of market and growth now is slow because of the number of participation. It is growing yes but it may take long to jump from a value to a ten times greater value. And who knows? It might turn out to be a faultless stock in the coming years. It is possible but one must not hope big about it.

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Investing In Silver

Reasons as to why you should invest in silver are multifarious.  It maybe the common man’s gold but however you might call it, its value is still innately big. This commodity has been traded even back in the days for its value, so why invest in silver?

Auspicious method to prevaricate against price increases and supplementary monetarist market changes is an advantage in investing silver.

Silver is global. There are various silver traders around and it’s not just global, it’s affordably global. It is because of the reason why it’s called The Common Man’s Gold where the value may not be as big as gold but its affordability is just enough for traders who wish to start low and looking for a big push in a short time. Silver can make you step up to stocks and forex is played right.


Silver is unique and it’s very vast in terms of usage. So there are a lot of companies looking to buy silver and even if you may not buy silver, you can buy stocks from company who wish to buy silver. These companies can be medical institutions, government and even the fashion lines. Silver’s versatility is so good; it can make you generate more gold.

However, as much as there are a lot of brokers who can provide silver trading, they’re actually limited to prevent inflation of traders. Aside from that, the physical value may not be able to suffice a lot of investors and yet, that is the reason why it’s limited.

Stability can also be a factor as to why investors can fail in silver trading. The amount of natural resources available may not be able to be adequate for companies who wish to buy raw silver for their products or services. In such case, with the limitation playing a huge factor already, the amount of natural resources might also cause a huge toll on its stability.

While such problems exists, the current generation is making huge demand to such mineral and the market is making its way to attend investors and buyers who wish to make silver a factor to their money growth. Is silver a good trade now? It can be if played right.

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Something Positive About Oil & Gas Right Now


As you might’ve read somewhere else that energy prices are on a low nowadays, that is something that we should not focus on as of now because there’s something positive about it actually.

Investors, brace yourselves because the coming year might be good year if you’re planning to invest on oil and gas.

As mentioned above, the prices for oil has been going down but that’s not the same as the private equity funds, a positive thing in the oil industry.

There is one country that has been using this factor to their advantage and that is Japan. The country has been buying a lot of gas and oil internationally which surprises the industry and helps it somehow as well. It is all behind the reason of some investors are optimistically taking the downturn for something positive and while the price are cheap, it attracts investors such as Japan.

Private equities are mostly reserved in the US but reports from Japan’s government arm Jogmec and Pertamina: a state oil industry in Indonesia states that purchasing oil and gas might get extensive internationally.


Petramina might acquire billions of dollars this year as its current $700 million already was a good start. Jogmec on the other hand has organized a financial backing plan amounting to a number of 5.2 million dollars just for oil and gas.

These Asian firms have started looking for resources in their mother land and in their own continents first before extending to further countries outside their district. But as it was said earlier, they already planned to extend further with Indonesia planning to contact Mozambique and Gabon of Africa for resources. Jogmec also reported plans on the said continent of Africa and provided financial assistance in Kenya as a start. Greenland is the next target of the Japanese government arm.

Jogmec is planning to expand the resourcing further more to other continents.

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What Makes The Forex Market Unique?


Forex or foreign exchange is the simple trade of one currency for another. It is a contrivance that permits a stockholder to perform a trade in the market of currencies – the forex market. By far, it is the most traded internationally.

What makes it different from the stock market?

The forex market is one of the best markets in terms of liquidity. Traders should not worry about much of the liquidity of the forex market because the flow here is fluid. You won’t expect big changes or volatility for again, the presence of its great liquidity is far greater than other markets.


Trading in forex doesn’t really have any time limit except for weekends. The market is open for 24 hours in the weekdays of the week. So for five days, you can trade whenever you want, anytime and anywhere.

The forex market is a global trading scene and that is because what you trade here are currencies and you trade it with another country’s currency which makes it a vast market and how vast it is you may ask? It’s internationally large so more chances of winning and possibly less as well.

There are a lot of factors that affect forex. Namely, inflation, interest rates, public debts and political performance to mention some.

Inflation rate changes the value of forex based solely on performance. For example, if inflation rate is low then currency value might appreciate. Interest rate on the other hand affects value when it increases as well. This attracts more capital from lenders to investors as the interest rate appreciates the value surges as well. Both are just examples of political performances which if political turmoil is avoided, the greater the value of forex can become.

The principal mandate for foreign exchange in the interior nation emanates from shippers from extraneous goods and chattels, consumers of distant securities, administration, organizations acquiring possessions and amenities in a foreign country and itinerants.

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The Financial Reports


Financial reports are results of a company’s financial standing. Kind of like an earnings reports where they post quarterly results but here it’s just some certain period of time and sometimes the full report of the fiscal year. It is a summary of all the returns, expenses and a record of gains and losses that happened in just a year.

If you can read financial reports, then it would be a good plus for you for it gives you the ability to look at further details on the performance of the company.  And that will help you think further and deeply in any decision you make.

What can you find in a financial statement?


There are three things that you will find in a financial statement and one of them is cash flow. Here you can find the amount of money that is spent by the company and how much money came to the company. They’re called inflow and outflow. It is the result of investment activities, external actions and internal operations that caused financial situations. These factors affect the revenue of the company and of course the returns that are given to the investors.

Income Statements are the financial statement that shows how much revenue it had and took in a specific period and how much financial support they inclined to put in any activities given. It shows the company’s net losses and earnings. To make it short, in a period of time the company took an amount of money and these went through expenses and this here is where you will find records about it.

Lastly, what you need to read are the balance sheets. Here recorded are the liabilities, assets and net worth equity of the corporation.

Assets are the overall financial reports on all the properties it acquires.

Liabilities are the money that the company owns to its partners or any other external factors.

And lastly are the shareholder equity and here is where you can find records about the company’s net worth if it’s broken down to each shareholders.

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