Tips on Teaching Your Kids to Save Money

A kid who grew up without any  concern for his spending habits usually experiences some wealth struggles when it comes to his adult life and budgeting.


Getting Married: Financial Benefits

Apart from the romantic side of saying “I do,” you should also be reminded that the union of two people also entails financial adjustments, which you will have to face sooner than later.

Divorce: Financial Outcomes

It is possible that it won’t to you or anyone you know, but it is also equally possible that it will happen. Though we don’t want it to become your or someone’s reality, it is definitely important to know what to do to cope with such a tragic event, just in case. Read on!

Some Disadvantages of Index Fund Investing

Index funds are created to mirror the investment results of a specific market index. It can consist of either stocks or bonds in its portfolio, and these mutual funds differ in the strategies that they use to achieve returns parallel to their chosen index. Index funds oppose with non-index funds, which seek to improve on... Continue Reading →

Few Categories of Funds You Need to Know

Funds are broken down into different categories. Fund category is a way of differentiating mutual funds in accordance to investment goals and main investment characteristics. This categorization permits investors to expand their money around in a mix of funds with different risk and return features. With stock funds, the basic categories are defined by the... Continue Reading →

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