Earnings Release Week

This week will be a busy week up ahead for the market community, a lot will be put in the spotlight but the one thing that will stand out is the geopolitical turmoil the US created after the strikes it made in Syria last week. Financial Institutions and Banks This will be the first of... Continue Reading →


What is the FCA?

If you’ve been around the Forex trading market, you’ve probably heard or saw FCA somewhere on those trading websites and what have you. First of all, FCA stands for Financial Conduct Authority; they are the regulator for over 56,000 financial services and firms and financial markets in the UK and the prudential regulator for over... Continue Reading →

The Types of Dollars in the World

We all know that the dollar is the native currency in the United States, but there are actually more countries that call their currency the dollar. These are some countries that share the same currency name with the land of the brave! Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar or CAD for its ISC code is the currency... Continue Reading →

Trading Commodities

The commodity as the Merriam-Webster would define it;   an economic good: such as a:  a product of agriculture or mining agricultural commodities like grain and corn b:  an article of commerce especially when delivered for shipment reported the damaged commodities to officials c:  a mass-produced unspecialized product commodity chemicals commodity memory chips. This simply puts... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day!

In memory of the recently concluded International Women’s Day, we pay homage to the marvelous women in the business community! Today we visit one of the largest and noteworthy automobile market, General Motors, and its current CEO Mary Barra. In memory of the recently concluded International Women’s Day, we pay homage to the marvelous women... Continue Reading →

Forex Smartphone Apps Crash Course!

The past years has proven that anything can innovate, smartphones were smarter, electric cars and everything from your speakers down to your appliances is voice recognized and controllable. It has been a whirlwind of experiment and innovation, everything has been accessible with your phone and with it, you are also connected to the world! One... Continue Reading →

A Brief Introduction to Asset Allocation

Ever encountered the word Asset Allocation? Well, if you’ve been in the financial world, there is big chance that you stumbled once or twice with this word. What Asset Allocation is, in short-term, an investment portfolio that divides your assets into major categories. The main use and purpose of Asset Allocation are to balance risks... Continue Reading →

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