Stocks to buy for 2017


Welcome to 2017! As for those who are following the “new year, new me” trend, you are probably considering of finding a new stock to invest in. There are giant stocks out there that are performing well but there are always some others that can up your investments with their performance. With that being said, here are some of the stocks that you should consider investing with in 2017.

First one on the list is an agricultural stock that you may or may not have heard yet. Deere & Company is a distributor and a manufacturer of forestry paraphernalia internationally. Ranked first in some of the reports, Deere and Company has gained a percentage of 15.1 in over 60 days of session.

In the current year, it is expected that the stock would rise up to a number of 21.9%. Last year, the stock surged to a percentage of 35.1 in returns so achieving the number is not that impossible.

Next is Citigroup Inc. The stock has been ranked second on some reports and has gained 1.1 percent in year earnings in the previous year. To talk about returns, Citigroup has generated a percentage of 14.6 more than the expected rate of 10.6 percent. It has surpassed the exchange’s return of 9.5%.

In the biotech sector, UnitedHealth Group Inc. comes next on the list. Similar to Citigroup, it has gained 1.1 per cent in year earnings in the previous days. As for returns, it has gained to 36.1 surpassing the number of 18.4%.

Next on the list is Harris Corporation. The tech stock which had been conducting projects to serve the government and commercial clienteles has also been a hot stock to invest in this year. In returns, the stock has generated a number of 17.9% beating the expected number of 10.8 percent.

Broadcom Ltd also is expected to do well in the current year. The semiconductor firm has been famed for supplying metal oxide semiconductor around the world. For their returns, the company beat the expected percentage of 11.1 and has surged it more to 28.4 in just a year.

With all the said stocks that are recommended to invest on, 2017 can be a great year if you start engaging well with the mentioned stock. Those are just some of the best and there are a lot of good stocks out there. You just need to study their charts and news in order to predict an educated surge.

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