Is Alphabet Inc. a good buy?


You can search for it find out that GOOGL is not a valued stock but that alone, you might want to ask yourself if it will still be worth it to invest on this tech giant? To answer that it still is. There are a lot of signs that can prove that Alphabet Inc. can and will surge in the coming days.

There are a lot of possibilities that you must acknowledge and these possibilities might be and can be the reason why Alphabet Inc. is a buy. Google is peaking and you may want to take a look at these reasons why you should consider buying it.

GOOGL is looking to expand the list of its products to diversify its audience and the capabilities of the company itself. The popular Google Search isn’t enough and will make the company stale if it will only hold on to Google alone. In order to at least make its audience more engaged to the company, it must of course build something that will interest them and hype them to keep up with not only the Google search, but the whole Alphabet Company itself. To cite an example as to what they’re up to, Google is planning to release a self-driving car in the near future and it has been partnering with electric care companies to help them achieve their scientific breakthrough.


Innovative as you can see. Alphabet Inc. is aiming for innovation and product quality to lessen the hassle of human difficulties. The company is committed to making their products the best and useful to human life – to separate themselves from their competition and makes their own market of their own product.

More on the internal advantage of the company, Google recently changed its name to Alphabet Inc. and that alone sparked a change in the company. It encouraged a new working environment and glinted a new level of leadership that is presented and well-utilized in the company that has made the environment the best that it can be.

The new environment provided various opportunities to their internal audience and it has been evident inside their departments. “It creates headroom for talented executives such as Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Tony Fadell of Nest and YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki,” Rita McGrath said in reports, a Columbia Business School Professor. “They might get restless if they perceive they’ve been steamrollered by the success of the cash-printing machine that is Google’s advertising business.” She added.

With these positive possibilities that can up the company from where it is, the results of how questionable the price of the stock shouldn’t keep you away from investing on it. It is a promising site after all with all of these activities that the company engages in.

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