Starbucks To Expand Stores And Menu


Starbucks is in the move to execute its new plan of potentially planning to open more stores, specifically up to a number of 12,000 branches internationally. CEO Kevin Johnson hopes to open thousands of branches worldwide with 30% of the number are china based branches which can boost sales up to 50 in percentage.

Aside from the expansion of global grasp of the company, the company is also planning to add more options to their current menu. The renowned coffee shop looks to add breakfast meals such as organic soups, gluten-free breakfast sandwiches and wheat free cooked egg products.

Furthermore on their technology and social media engagement, SB is hoping to add more features by not only ordering through finger works but also being able to contact or converse with your app for a much improved experience with the software.

As it was planned in the announced fiver year growth plan by former CEO, Howard Schultz who stepped down last April in the said position, has been in the works as to how to compete with other global brands that are stepping up their business game in the café field. Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s are some of the best competitors of the company.


Howard Schultz is also responsible for the globalization of the franchise of the famous coffee outlet around the world, expanding to a number of 25,000 global markets since his first day of his 30 years as the CEO.

As aforementioned, 5000 of the 12,000 planned stores will be at China. This is a part of the five year plan as the CEO predicted that China Markets can overtake the US market soon. It maybe unknown as to what date that could specifically happen but it is possible and it could be soon.

As for the current numbers, China has 2,500 stores while the US has more than 13,000.

By adding all the features, menu addition, and more stores possible in the coming years, Starbucks hopes to up the sales as equal as or better than its competition in the global market. The five year plan will be executed and hopes as to how it will succeed is still in the question of the people but what they can believe in is the company knows what they’re doing and they can succeed if hindrances will be faced well or planned how to face one is also written down.

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