Facebook: To Buy or Not to Buy?


One of the best tech stocks in this generation is the Facebook Company. It has been generating big sales and vast returns because of the fact that the site is widely used by many, globally. The social media sensation hit the market like a sale on a shop attracting as many investors as it can and resulting to big push in terms of progress.

It may be celebrated as the best but just like the Hollywood superstars, they also have haters and in Facebook’s case, some do not entirely love it as a stock. You may guess that it is those who failed to invest in the company but actually it’s not. They are the bears who wait for Facebook to hit the bearish signal for them to enter the market. It maybe the best but it’s still is faulty. Nobody’s perfect but in this case, nothing’s perfect. That maybe the case but bears and bulls are actually tied in its performance.

The question is: Where do you stand? But before knowing that you must know the good things about Facebook right now.

Facebook leads the mobile market for the reason that this is the smartphone generation and every user has to have app. The app itself has been a part of the phone as much it is part of the everyday human life. It can be used for educational meetings, personal matters and business transactions.

Zuckerberg’s company is always on the works on as to how to improve the app alone. The founder is planning to expand and improve its advertising niche to diversify the platforms of those who want to advertise on the site. Currently, ads generated to a number of 84% of revenue.

Facebook provides countless opportunities as a stock. A key factor as to such is its instagram connectivity generating monetization opportunities. The data mined information has tallied a number of 500 million users who connects their accounts to instagram and thus making generate more money because ads on instagram are prevalent as well.

With all those pros, we can say that the company is a money milking stock. The number of user participation globally attracts advertisers and investors and financial matters will always come and generate higher.


Now attracted? Not so fast.

Again, the Facebook also has bad sides. The company is handling a big pool of market and growth now is slow because of the number of participation. It is growing yes but it may take long to jump from a value to a ten times greater value. And who knows? It might turn out to be a faultless stock in the coming years. It is possible but one must not hope big about it.

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