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Biotechnology Stocks & the Society


Imagine a world without the biotech sector. Medicines would be pretty much based from just herbs or just pick a leaf and risk the fact that you may not know if it will really cure whatever you have. We may not be even to live the expected rate of seventy years.

It may not be as loud as other companies, the biotech firms are very needed to sustain and improve human life. So investing in one to provide research and production funds would be a big help to these firms and to human lives.

Again, the main goal of the sector is to improve and research for the betterment of the human life. Diseases and viruses are sprouting in discovery as the generation goes by and as these new human threats multiply, alternatives or just new medicines are getting much higher in demand but sometimes is the resources enough?

This is when investing takes it part. Funding these firms will have their researchers more financial support in terms of their work. For example, they might need to buy more equipment or test subjects to find out if one can really cure a disease or can it have side effects? -Those matters. In this way, investors not only get to help a firm, they can generate money while potentially saving lives of those who are in danger because of their ailments. They fund scientific breakthroughs.

If each biotech may differ, one of the factors is the demographics. Of course, not all firms will focus on one research. Some will focus on these and some will focus on that and in this way, there isn’t much competition because the field is vast but not to say competition doesn’t exist, it also does. Like for now there are various firms that are battling for investors to fund their HIV researches.


Geographic also matters as well. If a research firm is based on a place where resources aren’t as present as much as they are needed to be, then they may need to buy exports to suffice their needs. In this way, if they can research at their best, they will produce the best as well. That’s big money for investors.

Right now there are four biotech companies that you should consider investing on. Trevena, a firm that conducted a research on medicine that can relieve pain from post surgeries is one of the “one to look” next year according to resource. To add, Acadia is another company that is something to watch. They presented a list of medicines that are to cure some of the present diseases.

Those are just some of the ones to look but you see how they perform? They can fall, sure but if you are to invest on these stocks, is like investing for a future breakthrough.

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Is Anything Really Possible?


A quote, anything is possible, can face two distinct directions if applied in life. One is if these possibilities produce a good product or if it failed as a possibility. The keyword here is possibilities so the question is are all possibilities good?

Taking it as a general thought, once you enter a phase in life and presented with a lot of choices, all choices are bound to a possibility to be something good but some choices are not. Applying to the trading realm, these possibilities are the factors to determine your success. If you choose the right possibility to believe and push through will heavily affect your experience: good or bad.

Again, possibilities can be considered as choices and factors for our success. We are faced with a lot of possibilities that we can choose to believe or follow in our daily lives. How can we be smart when choosing a path of possibility?


When considering a possible outcome, one must really think deep as to why he chose this or that. If it will be for the good and studied well for the other possibilities then it can be said that the choice is well educated to be done. Spontaneous decisions can be a risk for we not know what fate can do with our choices next. But sometimes even the educated fall but what can be assured with that is well – it has less probability of failing.

Is anything really possible? Yes, you can always do what you want but can you face the outcomes whether good or bad? That is the question that you need to ask yourself. It is a basic human phenomenon to think for himself and to decide so with all your capabilities, do fully think of what to do next and what not to do because it will all have an effect on you in the end: good or bad.

Are these possibilities a factor for success? Again, it is all up to you as to what possibility you choose to follow. We should always consider what are these and what can they do to us because possibilities are not something to be ignored. They can impact everyone in all kinds of ways. If we choose to ignore a possibility, it is ignoring a possible future. If we ignore and it came, we are unprepared so again, to perfectly decide for our future, possibilities must not be ignored and it all can apply to our daily lives not just in our trading. Subscribe for more. Trade12Basics wait for you.

InvenSence, Inc: Can It Rise?


The supplier of motion sensors chips of apple has started the month not as strong as they want to be. InvenSense has fallen up to a percentage of 30 in the month’s entrance. Primarily it is because of its competition such us STMicroelectronics and Bosch.

9 days later, it rose to the same percentage as it fell. Reports claim that the reason behind this is that the Japanese firm of electronics TDK had given it a contract for an acquisition of share valuing at 12 dollars each. With the result, aside from falling it surged to a number of 6% in their yearly total performance.

Can it raise more? It can and here are the possible reasons.


A bidding war may come in handy soon. Like abovementioned that it was predicted and actually fell in the start of the month but rose back to the same amount is actually a good sign. Aside from that, they’re planning to have a sale on their products and selling themselves via bidding. TDK might get the company sooner or later.

The company is also enhancing its technology by adding more virtual and augmented reality. They target games and other app that can boost their in-game experience for something much more enjoyable and memorable experience. The expected result and release of such maybe in 2025 but it is quite a promising plan but as to investors? That might be too long but still if it booms then more investors can become more invested in the stock.

InveSense might be in a rocky road but it can always rise and the management is doing a good thing. Must you invest in the stock that is up to you but is it recommended? Yes but again, you must take caution and educated plan before doing anything. Subscribe for more. Trade12Basics waits for you.

Fossil Fuel: Must You Buy This Commodity?


With Trump’s policies, Coal is predicted to fall in value. His policy of cutting down the production of the said commodity plays on the prediction as to why it will fall but will it really? Check this out.

As it was mentioned, Donald Trump’s law of the restriction fossil –fuel production was part of his 100 day in the office. This includes coal of course. Scott Pruitt, the assigned EPA leader, sued the previous administration’s regulation on the Clean Power Plan – which looks to diminish carbon production by using a minimum amount of coal.

On China, coal or fossil fuels are on demand. The country is the reason as to why the commodity is surging as oppose to the probability of it falling.

The restriction may be temporary, or at least can be toned down. According to sources, Trump has not spilled out detailed reports about the restriction and so there’s a possibility that it can be toned down. Aside from that, Trump also promised that a day will come where employees who lost their jobs in the coal companies may get their jobs again and coal companies will bounce back in the coming days.


Research also states that it is possible that coal handling in the current administration will be much more responsive than the previous one.

The amount of exports internationally is tremendous. Like abovementioned with China, the global demand and supply are mostly from China so if Coal drops, it will drop to at an amount of 10 percent. It is a possibility.

Coal is also diverse. Like for example, there are two main types of coal that are demand. One of them is metallurgical coal which is more used in steel production. Another one is used for heating which is what we call thermal coal. Both are the most bought coal and they can trade well in the market.

“Coal likely will have a role in the energy-supply stack for decades to come, barring anything short of an outright ban on fossil-fuel production or consumption.” Ethan Bellamy, a researcher based in Colorado said.  “We anticipate that the elimination of regulatory constraints under a Trump administration on the coal-mining supply chain, along with less onerous emissions restrictions at power generators, could combine to alleviate some further declines in coal demand, and, possibly, to restore some lost market share as natural gas prices rise over time.”

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Baidu Inc.: A Recommended Buy


It may have faced a falls this year due to a slipping number of sales and its growth itself. It also had troubles getting clients who would be interested in using their advertisement sector for the reason that its ad policy got stricter than the usual. But that shouldn’t hinder you from buying Baidu stocks. They can bounce back and how you ask? Here are the reasons why.

Let us go far from what’s abovementioned. The sales of the company got slow in growth and low in value but fear not, that’s just temporary.


More on the values, the company annually fell 0.7% in revenue to a value of 2.7 billion dollars causing a big shock to their investors who were expecting a 30% rate but there’s a reason why. It’s because of their temporary headwinds.

Another reason why as to it fell is that Baidu sold its travel agency which holds services online. Qunar was sold by the company to its rival Ctrip. The company simply just traded it off to gain a 25% stake from Qunar in Ctrip.

Government ruling about ads affected the site as well. The chinese government warned the company about their ads that they should maintain from marketing misleading ads and thus resulting to a more restricted regulation of the companies’ advertising sector.

With all of this stuff happening, one must not fear in investing in the search engine company. It is expected to grow up to 6 percent next year and surge to 20 percent after that year. It is the biggest search engine in china after all. It covers 80 percent of the general population of the asian country’s internet search engine.

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Why is American Water a big hit?


Ever since it opened publicly on 2008, American Water has generated to greater than just a hundred percent. It exceeded that and generated 35 percent more than a hundred – a percentage of 350 in returns.

There are a lot of reasons as to why it gained so much over the year. For an easy example, water is a basic human need and it isn’t just timely, it’s also profitable no matter what. Aside from that, the geographical range of the company holds or provides water services in most of the American states, 47 in total and also one on Canada.

More reason as to why it’s a buy and a sell-me-never kind of stock is that the American Water is stable. It is one of the few companies that will continue going up and will never go down. Again, it is because that is a basic need and human and housing properties will continue growing in the coming years.


How can it go down, you ask? – That’s only when the internal and external function of the company faces a major problem such as a calamity or a natural disaster.

Another possible problem that can come is when the natural resources starts to run out but that’s just as possibility. As for now, it will continue growing well and buy is a must for investors.

The demand for water is as progressive as its financial growth. Like aforementioned, the population cannot be controlled and as the generation comes, more houses will be in need of water not counting commercial properties such as offices and hotel facilities that also in need of water supply and for that reason water will always be in demand for these factors.

If you want to view its trading performances, it will always be projected as something good and that’s why it’s a big buy for investors. Its record transparency is always on the mark and developing. It already outdone its start up plans way back in 2008 and the company couldn’t be any prouder for what is produced in terms of financial generosity.

Still not convinced? Then you must know this. The newly elected president is in the works on a project that a 1.6 trillion dollar project might be in the hands of the company in the coming years. That is a big value already and if you want to add another flower to your portfolio then be part of its trading community but before that, join our community first here at Trade12Basics. We will wait for you.



Starbucks To Expand Stores And Menu


Starbucks is in the move to execute its new plan of potentially planning to open more stores, specifically up to a number of 12,000 branches internationally. CEO Kevin Johnson hopes to open thousands of branches worldwide with 30% of the number are china based branches which can boost sales up to 50 in percentage.

Aside from the expansion of global grasp of the company, the company is also planning to add more options to their current menu. The renowned coffee shop looks to add breakfast meals such as organic soups, gluten-free breakfast sandwiches and wheat free cooked egg products.

Furthermore on their technology and social media engagement, SB is hoping to add more features by not only ordering through finger works but also being able to contact or converse with your app for a much improved experience with the software.

As it was planned in the announced fiver year growth plan by former CEO, Howard Schultz who stepped down last April in the said position, has been in the works as to how to compete with other global brands that are stepping up their business game in the café field. Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s are some of the best competitors of the company.


Howard Schultz is also responsible for the globalization of the franchise of the famous coffee outlet around the world, expanding to a number of 25,000 global markets since his first day of his 30 years as the CEO.

As aforementioned, 5000 of the 12,000 planned stores will be at China. This is a part of the five year plan as the CEO predicted that China Markets can overtake the US market soon. It maybe unknown as to what date that could specifically happen but it is possible and it could be soon.

As for the current numbers, China has 2,500 stores while the US has more than 13,000.

By adding all the features, menu addition, and more stores possible in the coming years, Starbucks hopes to up the sales as equal as or better than its competition in the global market. The five year plan will be executed and hopes as to how it will succeed is still in the question of the people but what they can believe in is the company knows what they’re doing and they can succeed if hindrances will be faced well or planned how to face one is also written down.

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