Something Positive About Oil & Gas Right Now


As you might’ve read somewhere else that energy prices are on a low nowadays, that is something that we should not focus on as of now because there’s something positive about it actually.

Investors, brace yourselves because the coming year might be good year if you’re planning to invest on oil and gas.

As mentioned above, the prices for oil has been going down but that’s not the same as the private equity funds, a positive thing in the oil industry.

There is one country that has been using this factor to their advantage and that is Japan. The country has been buying a lot of gas and oil internationally which surprises the industry and helps it somehow as well. It is all behind the reason of some investors are optimistically taking the downturn for something positive and while the price are cheap, it attracts investors such as Japan.

Private equities are mostly reserved in the US but reports from Japan’s government arm Jogmec and Pertamina: a state oil industry in Indonesia states that purchasing oil and gas might get extensive internationally.


Petramina might acquire billions of dollars this year as its current $700 million already was a good start. Jogmec on the other hand has organized a financial backing plan amounting to a number of 5.2 million dollars just for oil and gas.

These Asian firms have started looking for resources in their mother land and in their own continents first before extending to further countries outside their district. But as it was said earlier, they already planned to extend further with Indonesia planning to contact Mozambique and Gabon of Africa for resources. Jogmec also reported plans on the said continent of Africa and provided financial assistance in Kenya as a start. Greenland is the next target of the Japanese government arm.

Jogmec is planning to expand the resourcing further more to other continents.

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