Can Gold Become A Hit?


The answer to that is yes that is if US interest rates maintains a low rate which is according to reports is one of the main actions of the country.

Before December starts, last year’s December interest rates surge which made low records in the following months after that. On a positive note, it did rise and that’s one of the highlights of the year.

Back in those days, specifically on the first day of the year, it was not sure if it can bounce lower in terms of interest rates and to everyone’s joy it went lower and gold rose.

The process behind such rise in a low rate is US rates affect gold values in a simple expectation of a dollar rise. Dollar and Gold are what we can consider as rivals in the scene and when one gains in value, the other one gains as well.


If interest rates fail to do so however, it is advisable to invest in dollars instead because gold is reliant on dollar value. Again, one must perform an educated decision before doing anything.

Janet Yellen, US Federal Reserve chairwoman, however said that interest rates might rise in the coming periods which can weaken cold as US Job data is expected to have the same result as well but only US Jobs data has a niche.

In the past months, reports said that gold only rose in a slow 4 percent surge. Reports also claim that such is just an excuse for US Fed to maintain low rates. But this is good if you’re planning to invest in gold.

Commodities have been unstable for the past months but it can always rise again if low interest rate keeps values at a worthy disposition.

So there we have it! Gold is can be gold if you have a golden plan with you. Subscribe for more informative, bright and knowledgeable entries for your daily experience. Trade12Basics waits for you.


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