Adding Creativity


Creativity in the financial and business world can be considered as something less thought about in any forms of action under the field. It sometimes may not be needed at all but incorporating it will give anything beauty, not just for just the aesthetic function but even for the sole purpose can make a simple plan to an innovative plan and what does it take? Creativity.

Like what’s mentioned, creativity isn’t just for the aesthetic purpose although it can be expended in such but it will be more useful in terms of the internal purpose of let’s say a plan for example.

Creativity doesn’t just simply mean going outside of the box. That’s a wrong perception of it. Being creative is sometimes using what’s available for you and making something beautiful out of it and yes, it can be done without going outside of the box.

The idiom “outside of the box” means that one must go beyond his capabilities, function, rules or available resources in order to make something new and that isn’t the everyday creativity. Sometimes, it all takes just a piece of paper to make something beautiful. Being creative is making clever decision, a decision that is not expected and making the most out of it.

Back to the example, if one gives you a paper with no paper and any writing materials in hand and tasks you to make something creative out of it, how will you do it? It’s up to you.

Never settle for predictable actions, especially in the business world. If one finds out that your action is predictable then it may use it to his advantage and it will be your lost and it will be his win. Being predictable and expected is a dangerous mindset. And that is why, actions should be heavily educated, creative and something a regular human cannot think of or can predict.


The probability of a person to search for something on the internet it quite high but what can be recommended best is if one searches for ideas rather than how to’s. In the end, it is all in your mind on how you can execute something with unexpected beauty or simply just creativity. Don’t think outside of the box without looking with what you have in your box because who knows, what you need might already be in that box and adding more can be risky.

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