Something Positive About Oil & Gas Right Now

As you might’ve read somewhere else that energy prices are on a low nowadays, that is something that we should not focus on as of now because there’s something positive about it actually. Investors, brace yourselves because the coming year might be good year if you’re planning to invest on oil and gas. As mentioned... Continue Reading →


Becoming A Strategic Leader

You may probably wonder in what terms in the trading realm is leadership needed. The thing is in everything that you do, you are the leader of your own action. Leadership is a great addition to your skills but here instead of people, you will lead yourself to the better decisions. How can you be... Continue Reading →

Can Gold Become A Hit?

The answer to that is yes that is if US interest rates maintains a low rate which is according to reports is one of the main actions of the country. Before December starts, last year’s December interest rates surge which made low records in the following months after that. On a positive note, it did... Continue Reading →

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