Sportsmanship in Trading

Losing is some sort of a factor in trading. It’s not always a win which is a natural phenomenon in the trading market. You cannot control losing but what you can control is how you look at it and how will you take it. Here are some simple tips.


  • Never have a defeated attitude. Learn to bounce back once you fail or lose. You should never get emotional or defeated when in times like this. It is your money on the line; learn how to get it back.
  • Examine your investment plan. A perfect investment plan has always something like an emergency button when something tragic comes. Well if you don’t have then it’s fine. Just evaluate your actions, your plans and the news on why a stock failed and why you lost money for you to know what to do next to avoid such thing.
  • Be Professional. This is the business way of saying “be a sport”. Just like any game where you win or lose, accept lose with dignity and always try again next time. Who knows that the next time might be your winning moment?
  • Redo your investment plan. Now that you know the things that can happen, maybe you can tweak out or tweak in some new strategies that you can adapt for you to not to lose again. Losing is a learning experience to the point that it gives you a warning to the things that you shouldn’t do again.

So there we have it! These are the optimism that you should have when facing a loss. Do remember that always strive for the gold and not repeat the same mistakes again. If you like this post, be sure to subscribe every day for you to get the latest from the site! Trade12 Basics is here for




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