Why Traders Fail?

Investing might be a bright idea at first but it’s also a gamble in reality. One day you’re in, the next day you might be out. It all depends on what you put out there, what stocks you buy and how those stocks perform. Whether you’re discerning about your progress as a stock buyer or you’ve previously implemented your investment plan. Take this as a warning sign.


  1. High Expectations – In order to be a successful trader, you need to exert effort for your money to grow. You should not just sit there and watch it grow because your shares would not do the job for you, it is you that should keep it moving. Trading is not just planting a seed and waiting for it to grow; if you’re expecting it to be like this then it’s not. You need to water the seed every day, put fertilizer if needed and take good of it like it’s a real plant. The point is- don’t expect so much when you’re not doing anything. If you want success, then work for success.
  1. Over Trading – This is a common problem of the new traders. They trade so much that they don’t know that they’re actually risking a lot. Over trading is the state of disproportionate purchasing and marketing of stocks by an agent on an investor’s behalf in order to upsurge the assignment the stockbroker accumulates.
  1. Going-Off The Investment Plan – Having a plan is essential for the success of a rookie trader. There’s a reason why it’s a plan and going off it is a sin that you might pay for later on. Trading is a risk game and risking to go off the plan may not always result to a good plan.
  1. Risking on a negative trade- All investments bring some point of jeopardy. Stocks can drop rate, even their entire value, if market circumstances stumbles. Well who in the right mind will invest on a falling stock? Let’s say a company loses stocks and plans to bring it up back by sending out new products. You’ll never know if it will rise or it may continue falling despite the new product. It’s your choice in the end but it is better safe the losing everything, especially when your money is on the line.
  1. No Plans at all – You know what they say, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” which is fairly true. Observing a tactical trading plan can aid investors avoiding some of the utmost corporate trading dangers. What can result if you don’t have a plan? You’re physically marketing diminutive. Having nothing to follow is truly a bad thing so if you don’t know how to plan, you’re in good hands because you can follow a simple step by step process here.

So there we have it! This is just a brief review of what you should know about the possible situations that you might face as a trader. Be enlightened with the latest news on forex, commodities, stocks, technology and economy. Subscribe now! Trade12Basics waits for you.


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